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Welcome to Alicorn-Alliance, a group dedicated to the awesome pony species in the My Little Pony franchise!

Why make a group dedicated to Alicorns?

Many people have received hate for their Alicorn characters; whether you're being accused of making a Mary-Sue, or someone claiming that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the only ones of their species.

The very fact is, ninety percent of the time, those accusations are false. There are bad OC's everywhere, whether they be Unicorns, Pegasi, or Earth ponies.

The reason we created this group was so that people who have Alicorn characters, or like Alicorns, may gather together in a group and not worry about "haters".

Why is this so important?

This is important because My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic supports love, tolerance, and being proud of who you are. Bronies are the very people who stray from the norm of society and are proud to be different, but how can we endorse the message FiM has taught us if we ridicule others who stray from the norm in our own community?

Our message is to tolerate and be respectful, no matter who. And people with Alicorn OC's often receive a lot of backlash.

Alright, but aren't Alicorns all-powerful god-like beings?

Actually, this accusation is false.

While Celestia and Luna are powerful beings, they are not gods, or all-powerful. In the first episode it is stated that they used their Unicorn Magic to raise the sun and moon. In the episode Hearth's Warming Eve, it is also stated that before Celestia and Luna came into the picture, the Unicorns were the ones who raised the sun and moon.

In fact, not all Alicorns have to be gods or princesses. Here is proof:

Alright then, but if there are "normal" Alicorns, how can you distinguish them from Celestia?

It's simple: Some of us prefer to call royal Alicorns or highly magically accomplished Alicorns, Celestials. Whereas "normal" Alicorns who are no more powerful than a regular Unicorn, or are the offspring of a Unicorn and Pegasus, we refer to as Earth Alicorns.

But that's not canon! Otherwise there would be more Alicorns!

No more or less canon than two Earth Ponies having Unicorn and Pegasi children. (See Mr. and Mrs. Cake.)

Do I have to have an Alicorn OC to join?

Nope! As long as you love Alicorns, you can join!

Are Changelings considered Alicorns?

Not technically, but they, like Alicorns, are out of the norm. They also have horns and wings, so why not have a folder dedicated to them? :D

My Artwork was denied, why?

This is most likely due to the fact that you have submitted to the wrong folder. It could also be because you traced, used a base, used the Pony Creator, or your artwork did not follow Group Rules (ex. Rule 34).


  • No rule 34, or gory images. Nothing with mature tags.
  • Everyone's opinion is entitled, including our own. Any hate messages or any other disrespectful messages (from either side of the coin) will be hidden or marked as spam.
  • Photos of drawings are not permitted (but there are exceptions). Scans only!
  • No stolen, Traced work, or bases. Must be of your own free hand. Pixel images are the exception. Nothing from the Pony Creator.
  • Submit to the correct folders! If you do not, then your artwork will be denied on the spot.

Newcomer's Guide to the Folders

  • Featured: This folder is for art that the administrators or the Contributors deem as exceptionally well done, and obviously had much effort put into it.
  • Celestial and Royal Alicorn OCs: This folder is for Alicorns that are either very powerful, unusual, or royalty (dubbed as Celestials for short). They are not your average Alicorn. :D
  • Earth Alicorn OCs: This folder is for Alicorns who are not royalty, are not powerful, and seem like an average pony (for an Alicorn, that is ;)).
  • Princess Celestia: This folder is meant for the ruler of Equestria, Celestia.
  • Princess Luna: This folder is meant for the princess of the moon, Luna.
  • Nightmare Moon: This folder is for the nightmarish terror that is Nightmare Moon. :D
  • Princess Cadence: This folder is meant for the dear Princess Cadence.
  • Faust: This folder is for Lauren Faust's ponysona, who is an Alicorn.
  • Main Six as Alicorns: This folder is for drawings that portray the main characters as Alicorns; Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie. **NOTE** Twilight Sparkle has her own folder, now.
  • Background Ponies as Alicorns: This folder is for Background and Minor pony characters portrayed as Alicorns. These can range from Derpy Hooves, to Doctor Whooves, to even the Cutey Mark Crusaders.
  • Canon Anthros and Humanized: This folder is meant for cannon Alicorn characters portrayed with a more humanized look.
  • Arts, Crafts, and Traditional: This folder is for any art that has been done with traditional media. These may range from clay sculptures, murals, and paints! But, please no photos of drawings, only scans.
  • Queen Chrysalis: This folder is for the changeling queen.
  • Changelings: This folder is for changelings, and changeling OC's.
  • Comics and Memes: This folder is for popular memes and Comics related to My Little Pony.
  • Adoptables: This folder is for little Alicorn characters up for "adoption". As long as it has an Alicorn in it, it belongs in this folder! :D (Note: If your Alicorn adoptables are with others just keep it in the Adoptables Folder)
  • OC Two or More: If your picture has two Alicorns, four Alicorns, a whole group of Alicorns and ponies, it belongs here!
  • Literature: This folder is meant for written media. This ranges from fanfiction, to poems, and so on!
  • Icons, Pixels, and Stamps: This folder is for Alicorn-related pixel art, icons, and stamps!
  • Tumblr and Ask Pony: This folder is for Tumblr related images and Ask Pony art.
  • Animation: This folder is for animated images (animated pixel images do not go here). This could range from traditional animation, to flash, or CG.
  • Older Generation Alicorns: This folder is for any Alicorns from the previous MLP Generations.
  • OC Anthros and Humanized: This folder is meant for OC Alicorn characters portrayed with a more humanized look.
  • Crossovers: These are ponified characters from other franchises in the form of Alicorns or changelings.
  • Canon Two or More: If you have more than one canon character, this is where it belongs!
  • OC and Canon: If your OC is with a canon character, here it should be!
  • Cosplay: This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If it's a cosplay of an alicorn, fan character or cannon, it goes here!
  • Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Sparkle is now an Alicorn Princess! Any pictures of her in her Alicorn form now belong in this folder!

Alicorn of the Month Rules

  • 1. No bribing of any kind, threats, or rallying anyone to vote for you specifically. You may ONLY make a journal to advertise the contest. If you tell people to vote for your OC, you are disqualified.
  • 2. No begging for you OC to be Alicorn of the month.
  • 3. Be a good sport if your Alicorn does not win. There's always next month.
  • 4. Maximum of three nominations per person.
  • 5. If you nominated three ponies, you can only vote for one after the nomination period.
  • 6. Do not use PLZ or double accounts to vote.
  • 7. You may re-nominate your Alicorn fan character after exactly one year after having won. For example; If your Alicorn was the winner of November 2012, you may re-nominate him/her in November 2013.

Gallery Folders

Adams Encoragment To OC's by Anime-Adam
Princess Solaria (grown up) by Anime-Adam
Daughter Of The Moon by NekoMellow
Satisfied - Wallpaper 2 by Siansaar
Celestial and Royal Alicorn OCs
Prince Kyle by Duyguusss
Just another beautiful day in the hood..! by Duyguusss
Lord Hades, King of the Areions by CryoflareDraco
Alicorn ReDraw Three! by PaintingStrides
Earth Alicorn OCs
Pointy Dakota by Duyguusss
I like pixels... by Duyguusss
Excuse me? by Duyguusss
Living Earth by Teonanakatle
Princess Celestia
Mark of Chaos - Page 2 by StePandy
Sun goddess by Laszl
Celestia's Portrait by The-Blue-Unicorn
Ruler by Brisineo
Princess Luna
Luna by vsbloom
Princess Luna by SouppyMan
Moon Warden - Empress Luna by Phoeberia
Isolation - Commission by StePandy
Nightmare Moon
The Longest Night (Japanese Poster) by Roger334
Luna (Nightmare Moon) DC 9 of 13 by Pixel-Penguin-dA
Hold On.. - COMMISH by ameliacostanza
Screenshot Redraw 1 - Nightmare Moon by EmpressSpaceGoat
Princess Cadence
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza by Laszl
A Corrupted Cadance by Rose-Beuty
[Lumic4]-Light- Princess Cadence and Flurry Heart by Light262
Egg Hunt by Roger334
[Lum and Light] Princess Fausticorn by Light262
Signed By Lauren Faust by newyorkx3
Fausticard  *Redraw* by The1King
The Fausticorn Card by The1King
Main Six as Alicorns
Alicorn Pinkie Pie by SapphireGamgee
Alicorn Rainbowdash by SapphireGamgee
Twilight color sketch by SouppyMan
[Lumic4 - Light]Twilight magical signature by Light262
Background Ponies as Alicorns
Alicorn Sunset by BASerenity
Request - Alicorn Applebloom Reaction (Sketch) by PonyHD
Cannon Anthros and Humanized
Monochrome Twilight Sparkle by vsbloom
Arts crafts and traditional
Custom Rarity Xbox 360 Wired Controller by CARDI-ology
Queen Chrysalis
Dark Rose now on DeviantArt by Roger334
Dark Rose (Concept Art #2) by Roger334
Comics and memes
MLP - Timey Wimey page 83 by Light262
|CLOSE Auction|SB 30pts/$0.30 MLP Adopt by RenAyumeDeer
OC two or more
Four Sisters Of The Apocalypse by EmpressSpaceGoat
Icons Pixels and Stamps
My Twilunks stamp by SkyCircle777
Tumblr and Ask Pony
MMDxMLP  Sorrowful, Regretful Thumbnail by mizuki12341
Older Generation Alicorns
Yule the Christmas Pony by Faerie-StarV
OC Anthros and Humanized
Luna's Water Bucket Prank by newyorkx3
Meeting the Cutie Mark Crusaders by SapphireGamgee
Cannon two or more
The Best Aunt by ShutterflyEQD
OC and Cannon
Swineheart the brave. XD by HarmonyStar-v2
I'm Not Stalking You... by KarRedRoses
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle by KnifeLynx
Always sad to hear that a member has left, especially your founder.

But that aside, Congratulations to EthanPow who is the groups new founder! :)
I've been busy with Hockey and Soccer and work lately so that is why I've been so inactive. I'll be sure to be around more often, or I'll try to be.
That's all from me for now. Again, Congrats EthanPow! :)
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Our Comrades.


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This is a really good video to put on your wall.
Although, tbh, that example is pretty stupid, considering it could very easily be an animation error. We've seen that exact pony before without wings. Don't say 'she had a twin', because this isn't the first time it's happened either. Hell, there was even a scene where wings popped up on Rarity, but you wouldn't call her an alicorn.
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Nuu ah-- never mind!! she's very unusual and her magic is between the power of a unicorn and the cannon alicorn sisters, so still very powerful. SORRY! Didn't mean to spam Ashamed 
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hi there! thanks for letting me join, and for making this awesome group! :D

now, my main alicorn OC is born of a unicorn and a dragon (crazy i know). She's an heir to a dragon throne but turns it down, thus forfeiting her royalty and she's more powerful than an average unicorn, but not NEARLY as powerful as Celestia and the others. Earth alicorn, yes? just making sure and i apologize, i'm sure you're quite fed up of hearing that question XD
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Could I be apart of your group, please!
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Mychelle Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Can it have a base if that base is ms paint friendly and you cant draw ponies worth your life?
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